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TecTecTec! Team 8 Golf GPS Speaker

TecTecTec! Team 8 Golf GPS Speaker

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World’s First Audible GPS and Personal Speaker

It really is. Welcome to the new age of audible GPS. The TEAM8 provides an ultimate experience that combines precise distances to the Front / Middle / Back of greens + Hazards while doubling as a personal DJ. This is the future of distance measuring devices.

Compact, Wearable and Lightweight

Wear your TEAM8 on your hip, or place it on your golf bag for quick access to measurements and your favorite tunes.

Measures Shot Distances

Yep, you heard us. Press & hold the flag icon on the device after your swing, Start walking to your next shot. When you reach your ball, press the flag icon one time and the TEAM8 will tell you the last shots distance. Sweet!

Built-In Magnet

Industry leading neodymium magnet built into the TEAM8 limits the chances of losing your device. This also allows you to attach it to any metal surface: Golf cart, golf clubs, belt clip, pushcart, refrigerator, car door, light post. You get the picture.

Superior Sound

The TEAM8 delivers crystal clear, quick, and accurate measurements while providing well balanced bass and treble. Keep it quiet to respect those around you or turn it up to share the vibes.

Bluetooth Connection to Killer App

The TEAM8 is a Bluetooth device that connects to your phone’s GPS. This allows you to operate a very clean interface that gives a tasty visual to compliment the audible experience of the device itself. The great thing about TEAM8 is that you don’t need to use the TecTecTec! app if you don’t want to. After you pair it, you can choose how much to engage in the app. Use both if you want the full meal or use just the TEAM8 for a nice a la carte participation.

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