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TecTecTec! KLYR Rangefinder

TecTecTec! KLYR Rangefinder

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World’s most versatile rangefinder! Pocket-size with built in magnet, slope, belt clip, ball marker, case and 2 year warranty.


Magnet on rangefinder. Great for use on belt clip or any other steel surface (golf cart).

Belt Clip

Included with your KLYR Rangefinder.

Clip it on your belt for quick access to your magnetic rangefinder.


The KLYR is pocket size. 30% smaller than the average rangefinder. This makes it both versatile enough to use with your belt clip, or even putting it in your pocket.

Compact and robust. All in one!

Ball Marker

Included with the KLYR and the case, works great on your belt clip or any other steel surface (golf cart).


Turn on - slide button right
(Expose color indicator)

Turn off - slide button left
(No color - tournament mode)

Target Lock

Target an object behind the flag. Press and hold the power button while slowly sweeping over the flag. The rangefinder will lock onto the nearest target (i.e. The flag) and display the distance.

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